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How to Choose Cruise Tyres for Two Wheeled Vehicles

Cruiser tyres are the most popular type of tyre for two wheeled vehicles. They offer great grip in wet and dry conditions and have a similar tread to a car’s all-season tyre. The added advantage is that they are legal on most British roads and do not need the approval of government road tests. Four seasons tyres are often used for two-wheel drive vehicles with lower profile engines because they are easier to handle in the lower speeds. They also provide more reliable handling when cornering.

Why need Cruise Tyres for Two Wheeled Vehicles

cruiser tyres

When choosing tyres for two wheeled driving, one should be aware that although cruiser tyres are much better for wet riding than all season, they will lose their traction if driven over mud or sand course. This is because they are built up with a thicker tread, which can cope with the harder conditions but lacks the flexibility to cope with the changeable conditions. However, it is advisable to ride over sand and mud with bare foot to test how you perform in different situations. You can use the manufacturer’s recommendation for pressures, which are usually indicated on the tyres’ sidewall labels. In addition to this, you may also want to check the performance of your vehicle by adding some sand or dirt to the rear tyre to see if it improves its performance.

It is advisable to keep a standard of maintenance for both your two-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles, especially bikes. All vehicles come with a specified mileage rating, and this needs to be maintained to ensure optimum performance and tyre longevity. A good Bike Manufacturer will advise you how to care for your bike tyres to maintain their optimum performance and long life span. By choosing a reliable bike manufacturer, you should be able to get great service and get your bike up to speed quickly and easily, without the worry of tyre failure.


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