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Prestige City Plots – The Residential Bangalore

Prestige City Plots is located at the convergence of two rivers in a relatively small region of West Bengal – i.e. Sarjapur and West Bengaluru. The project, being developed by a private developer is expected to be completed in two phases, with each phase offering a new residential estate with all latest facilities. With the advent of this housing estate, Sarjapur now becomes the centre of attention for all upcoming residential projects in West Bengal, specifically Prestige City. Presently, there are about 50 projects that are in early phase and are expected to be finished within next one year.

Prestige City Plots – The Prime Landscape in India

This town is located in West Bengal’s North Central region and has several attractions that draw residents and tourists from all over the country and even internationally. Besides offering an ideal location, Prestige City Plots also offers great affordability and a wide range of housing options to suit your requirements. The major attractions which draw people from other cities and states are Museum City, Sirida, Water Supply Square, Sarjapur Golf Club, Sarjapur Sports Club and Prestige City Airfield. All these factors make Prestige City Plots the prime residential destination in West Bengal.

As per the latest information, the developers have already begun to sell about thousand flats at rates up to Rs 3000 per annum in different parts of the city. Some of the most prestigious apartments are being sold with an investment of about seven crores. Although the development size is small, yet, all of these apartment complexes offer great facilities like advanced security, air conditioning, safety and soundproof rooms, gas filled swimming pools, health clubs, club house, shopping complexes, car parking, Wi-Fi connectivity, cable TV, etc. Prestige City Plots promises to set new benchmarks in the housing market in India and is expected to reach about five hundred thousand units by the end of next year.


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